Leading the way in land based logistics for light industrial clients

As one of the most expansive and geographically diverse logistics companies, Silk Contract Logistics provide services to the light industrial sector across Australia. By merging the twin principles of cost-effectiveness and agility, we provide an all-encompassing solution that works through the whole supply chain. With expansive services, we are able to attend to every industry, including: • Oil and lubricants • Mining • Construction • Fire and building security • Chemicals and coatings • Automation • Energy and power • General industrial goods and manufacturing • Dangerous goods In the light industrial segment, time-to-market and cost are the key factors that determine success. Each business measures their output based on a set of factors, which differ from company to company.

Responding to changes with accuracy and precision

At Silk Contract Logistics, we are adept at responding to even the most rapid of changes in the industrial market. With nimbleness and agility, we provide our customers with the exact warehousing and transportation service they need, adapting to their needs through even the largest industry changes. Our end-to-end solutions will match with your entire supply chain, providing you with the level of service you need to produce exceptional business results.

Individualised solutions

We are aware that hands-on businesses require insight into their processes. This is why we provide an advance technological overview of each account, providing clients a simple-to-use database to control their stock and inventory. Each process is backed by technological oversight that ensures efficiency, accuracy and replicability.

Access world-class logistics

Silk Contract Logistics is your partner across the industries and across Australia. Contact our dedicated staff for more information and to start a strategic discussion about your third party logistics.