Facility Management

If you own a warehouse facility but don’t have the means to operate it, Silk Contract Logistics can help you. From port logistics pick-up through to end customer consumption, we ensure safe and efficient warehousing facility services to streamline the entire process. This cost-effective solution takes the pressure off you, the owner, and ensures your facility is left in the capable hands of our hardworking team of logistics specialists.

You own the facility, we run it for you

While you have the responsibility of owning the warehouse, our team of skilled personnel have the responsibility to look after a variety of transportation and storage solutions, including:

  • Coordinating pick-up and delivery of goods
  • Implementing advanced digital systems to monitor and manage the warehouse facility
  • Keeping records of inventory
  • Maintaining the warehouse and keeping it clean and tidy
  • Cost effective, and state of the art Material Handling Equipment

We are committed to understanding your exact requirements so that we can build IT solutions to suit your particular needs, providing you with 24-hour online access to the activity of your goods. Our clear reporting standards enable our clients to receive a constant flow of communication in regards to the activity of their goods within their warehouse facilities.

High-tech computerised procedures to ensure your facility is operated professionally

Our third-party logistics company harnesses the high-quality standards of a tier one organisation when it comes to areas such as our advanced technological hub. Employing the knowledge of experienced experts, we have created a state of the art digital system that constantly monitors and manages your warehouse facility for proven accuracy and time-efficient services. This means a reduction in inventory paperwork, an improvement in labour productivity, and an enhancement in customer service for you. Our business operations also work to optimise material flow and maximise the efficient use of available warehouse space in your facility, thereby delivering streamlined services to benefit both our personnel and our clientele.