Warehousing Solutions

Our warehousing solutions cater to a myriad of industries. We employ best practices for the storage of food and dairy products, light industrial goods, various retail items and fast-moving consumer goods. As industry experts, we understand the importance of complying with the necessary regulations in place and therefore make sure our warehouse solutions follow the legislation requirements accordingly. Relying on our advanced, in-house technology department, we have been able to implement integrated solutions in our warehouse facilities that are designed to drive efficiency and ensure the safe storage and handling of all goods.

Inbound and outbound logistics

For importers, we provide services from the moment goods arrive at an Australian port, right up to final delivery to the customer. We provide complete visibility in real time and handle all documentation and interfaces with all other third party service providers. For exporters, we take care of goods from the end of the production line, right through storage, container pack and delivery to the port.

Value add capabilities

As well as providing our customers with customised supply chain solutions, our other practical and popular services include:

  • Distribution centre solution design, implementation and execution
  • Dedicated and multi-client warehouse facilities and management
  • Management of client premises and equipment
  • Supply chain consultation
  • Complete e-commerce support package
  • Container unpacking/packing
  • Stock modifications, re-labelling stock items
  • General re-work
  • Multiple cross-dock scenarios
  • Multiple storage strategies
  • Unit and bulk pick processing
  • Comprehensive reverse logistics processes
  • Product batch recall

Silk Contract Logistics’ focus on selected industry sectors provides our customers with enhanced benefits and a competitive advantage.