The retail market is changing

These days, retail is more competitive than ever. The space between cycles – and the time between seasons – is reduced, and retailers are forced to keep up-to-date with consumer expectations. Managing the demand for high-quality, low-cost consumer goods – while at the same time navigating complex global and local supply chains with ever-improving dexterity. There comes a time when, in the midst of the flux and change, large retailing corporations require a custom-designed solution that can help them advance and keep on top of industry changes.

Suited to your needs

Silk Contract Logistics is here to fill the gap and provide efficient end-to-end service that fits with retailers’ whole supply chains. Entirely customisable to your exact business goals we will meet your precise timelines and budget with problem-free distribution and a collapsed time to market. Infusing value into the whole process, we provide logistics, warehousing and logistics solutions that suit your unique requirements. Whether your business has multiple storefronts, a single large shop or an online presence, we are able to develop streamlined solutions that fit into your supply model and delivers measurable results.

A wide range of services

As well as fit-for-purpose warehousing, we provide: • Customs and quarantine approval, transport and storage • High-level security and safety • State of the art systems and infrastructure • Agile and flexible solutions

Technological support for the 21st century

Our purpose-built IT solution capability supports your stock movements and storage. From storing your entire inventory in a warehouse, to picking and packing individual items to fulfil an order, custom technology makes everything more efficient. What’s more, our processes are repeatable to ensure the quality service continues.