Our port logistics services operate in multiple locations across Australia. Each depot features leading edge equipment, systems and facilities. We are committed to keeping up-to-date on the latest industry news and staying on top of market trends so that we can make sure we provide our valued customers with the port logistics solutions they need. Offering import and export containerised transport, true intermodal capabilities, warehousing, quarantine, fumigation services and project management, Silk Port Logistics caters to your needs with integrated and robust solutions customised to you. We can take care of your transport concerns while you focus on what’s important: the running of your business.

Incorporating top-of-the-range transport equipment and facilities to cater to a variety of tasks

With so many locations servicing the entire nation, it is only natural that we service clients across many different market segments that only continues to grow as our business does. As a result, we see it as our key duty to be able to provide many different solutions when it comes to solving your port logistics needs. Each of our facilities includes large container handling forklifts, reach-stacker forklifts, expansive yard capacity and streamlined warehousing space to suit a range of different jobs that we are faced with on a daily basis.

Providing time-efficient port logistics solutions for your convenience

As part of our port logistics solutions, we strive to make sure time-sensitive cargo is handled with the efficiency it deserves. Our priority is to meet port delivery and pick-up deadlines so that our clients can rest easy knowing their goods are in safe hands. Our operators work quickly to ensure a clean and methodical process, even in times of extreme demand.