Supply chain optimisation across a range of industries

No matter your industry if you require access to an efficient supply chain that guides your business processes from end to end Silk can assist. Without streamlined and consistent logistics, your business may suffer and you may find it difficult to operate in an efficient and cost-effective manner. As well as these key industries, we are able to extend our services to any industry to provide the whole of Australia with well-targeted logistics. Our solutions are flexible and customisable depending on your business. We don’t provide a standard approach that differs only based on your industry. Instead, for every client, we provide a singular approach that melds with their unique business goals.

Our guiding principles provide superior service

We have precision-oriented third-party logistics services that help every industry succeed. Guided by our principles of safety, cost, customer , growth and people, we help you fulfil requirements. Adapted to your needs, our strategies are flexible enough to meet your goals and adapt to changes industry-wide.

Supported by robust information technology

Not only this but our in-depth technological infrastructure provides you the support you need through the entire process, allowing you insight into your supply chain. Together, we’ll be able to identify and rectify gaps in your processes and work towards developing a tangible solution. Silk Contract Logistics is your partner across the whole supply chain, delivering measureable results where you need them most. Speak to our staff throughout Australia for more information about developing a custom logistics plan.