Multi User Facilities

Our multi-user warehousing facilities are a smart way to make sure your business’s goods are stored, protected and transported under safe and cost-effective conditions. Whether you need short-term or long-term solutions; have seasonal importation processes or consistent high volumes of goods needing to be stored, we can cater to your needs. Servicing a wide variety of industries, our multi-user facilities have been designed to safely and efficiently store all kinds of items, from food and selected dairy products to light industrial goods.

Indulge in the benefits of shared warehousing solutions

By providing scalable multi-user facilities, our state-of-the-art warehouse solutions offer you the opportunity to share your storage and handling costs with other customers. Our facilities enable efficient shared use of resources, infrastructure and equipment, so that you are essentially only paying for the space you need. This is particularly convenient for businesses that have low volumes of inbound goods, uncertain industry demands, or seasonal operational fluctuations. Our flexible and fully configurable systems allow you to make adjustments at any part of the supply chain, therefore maximising the way your business operates and giving you a totally tailored, customisable service that can be adapted according to any changes that crop up in your business’s requirements.

High Grade warehouse technology

Our warehouse infrastructure is based on carefully-curated systems and technology designed for the safe, compliant and efficient storage of goods. Encompassing a team of skilled warehouse personnel and technicians, we have been able to implement integrated solutions that ensure the appropriate storage of goods according to elements such as product segregation, allergen control, optimising putaway and pick processes and available capacity. Furthermore, in addition to closely monitoring our warehouse facilities, we give our customers real-time online visibility, inventory control and full traceability so they can be reassured that their business’s goods are in safe hands.