Integrated the Silk Way

Our Tier 1 Technology allow for seamless integration between Port Logistics, Warehousing and Distribution, meaning the process to get from the Port to Door is seamless and efficient.

Integrated technology is part of everything we do

We have fine-tuned our systems and support a leading-edge suite of software. Our systems, built upon many years of experience, are here to serve customer needs and to solve challenges across the whole supply chain. From the pick-up of a container from the shipping wharf to delivery into our warehouse facilities to picking, packing and dispatching orders out of our facilities - we are able to fulfil every order using our integrated technology. What’s more, our technology allows us to stay nimble and adapt to changes while on the go. Readily updated, and displaying information in real time, we are able to remain responsive and agile during the whole process, ensuring your account progresses exactly as planned. .

Supported by dedicated people

As well as integrated technology, we ensure our people are coordinated to the highest degree. Combining the expertise of a range of operations managers, IT staff and solution experts, your projects will be carried out with utmost attention to detail.

Going to plan

We know that one missed deadline can jeopardise an operation’s entire outcome. Silk Contract Logistics has successfully project planned and implemented many major contracts. Whatever the scenario, we will commit a dedicated team of experienced professionals across Operations, Solutions, Finance, IT, HR and OH&S to work closely with the customer on the scope of the task – defining roles, expectations and goals in minute detail. We then monitor the project closely for the duration. We anticipate and respond to both risks and opportunities as they happen, which is key to keeping a project on track and getting it across the line. Continuous improvement and optimisation are core philosophies at Silk. Working in collaboration with you, specific initiatives will be developed, presented and monitored as part of a disciplined management process. We know that every project requires a top level of support to see it through to completion. That is why we take the time to understand your goals and tailor our solutions to your precise needs. .