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The Importance of a Modern Warehouse Design

Modern warehousing goes far beyond simple storage solutions. With the increasing diversification of logistics, supplier, and enterprise models, warehouses are increasingly playing a more integral role in supply chains. As a result, warehouses are now required to provide more flexibility, accessibility and efficient functionality than ever before. As the industry experiences a surge in technological innovation, warehousing design is becoming more and more pertinent to providing value and service quality to clients and customers. In a constantly evolving industry, staying relevant and competitive all comes down to maintaining modern warehouse design, and knowing where to start is essential to keeping on top of the game. Maintaining efficiency with flow Arguably, the most important objective of any modern warehouse design is to create the fastest methods of extraction possible. In a society where delivery windows are shrinking as customers and consumers grow used to instantaneous response, creating flow in the warehouse is imperative. The warehouse must be designed to accommodate for free movement of product, and follow a logical process/product system to avoid any doubling back, double handling or unnecessary steps. Be prepared for future layouts Modern warehouse designs take into careful consideration not just what the warehouse is currently storing, but also expected future goods and capacity. This includes taking into account the potential addition of extra loading docks, machinery and easy access for the installation and updating of new technology. Many warehouse operators build for present operations and fail to create room to adjust and adapt to changing technology. As a result, they quickly take themselves out of the market as clients look for the latest warehouse systems.  Energy efficiency  All modern warehouses should be incorporating significant consideration for energy efficiency and alternative energy options into their plans. Not only does the ever-increasing technology load increase the amount of energy required to keep a warehouse running – costs that are then passed on to clients – but many clients are actively looking for operators utilising sustainable energy systems. Technologically equipped There is an incredible array of new technology on the market that is reshaping the way warehouses operate. From warehouse management systems and pick and pack machines to drones, remote monitoring and robots, modern warehousing design will incorporate the ability to integrate with new technology. Maintaining the latest technology is essential in ensuring warehouses stay competitive and deliver the best customer service possible. Read more about the types of technology now being incorporated in modern warehouse design. BACK TO NEWS