Professional Distribution Solutions for Quality Operations

As one of the most geographically diverse third-party logistics companies in Australia, Silk Contract Logistics is built on quick, flexible and robust solutions when it comes to the transportation of your goods. A key area we focus on is the development and management of customized distribution solutions, so that clients from across the country can rely on Silk Contract Logistics to ensure their goods are delivered to them under best practices, within timeframe and within budget.

We use world-class freight management systems to deliver goods across a variety of industry sectors, including food, light industrial, retail and fast-moving consumer goods. When you choose our company to streamline the operations of your business, you can rest assured that we will provide a solution that best aligns with your products and your business's particular needs. Our aim is to provide quality and trustworthy distribution services each and every time.

Invest in distribution solutions that guarantee your goods are delivered in a timely manner

We understand how important it is for our clients to receive their goods in the established timeframe in order to continue the running of their business. That’s why we design freight solutions that are tailored to moving your products with safety and efficiency at the forefront of our operation. We closely monitor each job in order to make sure it remains on track, anticipating and responding to any risks that may arise during the distribution process. Our agile solutions mean we can create customisable distribution services from the warehousing process to the end customer consumption.

Track the movement of your goods with our accessible online reporting strategies

As part of our company’s philosophy, we make it our job to ensure total transparency with our clients. This means implementing specialised IT services that enable our clients to keep track of their goods in real-time as we distribute them. You can view your order status and maintain constant access to the journey of your goods thanks to our refined distribution technological solutions.

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